Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions specified by SiteBubbleDesigns (SBD) , to enable the client to be aware of our procedures during the web design and construction phases. The benefits of these procedures to the client are that the website design outcomes, given to the client, will move forwards accordingly and to allow the designer and client to reach a realistic mutual agreement of milestones leading to the final completion of the website.

We follow three milestones ( or phases) has a three stage break down.


SBD and the Client come to an agreement regarding what is required in the construction of the site i.e Number of Pages, submittal of images and text by the client and the general appearance required of the website. SBD will then, within two working days, design the basic outline of the site and ask the client for any changes that need to be to be made to be relayed back to SBD. 


If needed,SBD will then submit a second reiteration of the site. If the client is not satisfied with this second design, minor amendments or alterations can still be made based on the client’s comments and feedback. A final site submission will then be sent to the client for final approval. SBD reserves the right to terminate the site development at this stage if we cannot reach a final agreement.


At this stage SBD requires the following:

. 35% of the agreed cost of the website must be received by SBD before commencement of the main web design process.


. Images that the client needs to be incorporated into the website should then be submitted to us. We will resize the images as necessary, on agreement with the client. Any images that the client wishes to have graphically altered would incur an extra cost. The fee for this will mutually agreed between the client and SBD.

All written content must be provided by the client. If a client wishes the designer to write any additional content, a further charge will be quoted. Content for text and images must be sent in a digital format. 

Once the website has been designed, constructed and the client has confirmed by email to publish the website live, the website will be deemed complete. SBD will then ask for the balance of any outstanding costs.


If the client wishes to make any changes after the website has been published they will have to contact SBD to discuss available options.

Websites at the completed stage will be tested using the most recent versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Once the web pages are complete, clients can normally maintain the website themselves. If any problems occur there are various ways you can obtain help. We will point you to the most applicable solution for the resolution of your problem. SBD is always willing to help if you choose to approach us. We also offer a variety of monthly maintenance plans that are designed to look after your website and facilitates any potential problems occurring.

Completion times for websites will always vary dependant on the designer receiving the content from the client and the client’s approval at various stages of the website construction phase.

The designer will advise the client on the best host for their website and also upload the website once complete. SBD can offer to host your site for you at SiteGround for the competitive price of £10 per month.

Should the client fail to provide SBD  with relevant information to complete the job within a reasonable time frame i.e 3 months SBD has the right to utilise the Time is of the Essence Law and charge a suitable amount for the work completed so far and close the contract.

The client will gain access to the site and the site will be live upon receipt of the final payment to SBD.

All coding created by SBD is copyrighted and may be reproduced and altered for other clients. Similarly any graphics orimages purchased by SBD from third party companies may also be reproduced for other clients.

Any images which are supplied or owned by the client will not be reproduced by SBD for any other clients.

Any changes to an existing site are at the site owners risk.

SBD does not send any information to third parties. Any personal data that you give to SBD via our contact form is encrypted and stored. It will only be used for communication between SBD and our client.

If site isn’t completed within a three month time frame, outstanding balance is requested.

All creation files remain the intellectual property of SBD.

A 35% non-refundable deposit of the full fee is required at commencement of the project, with the outstanding amount payable on completion of the website.

If final payment is not received within 14 days after the final payment invoice is issued then SBD reserves the right to take down the site and seek payment by legal methods.