One Day Courses

Learn WordPress

Learn To Use WordPress and Build Your Own Website in Just One Day


Your sites are fully compatible and view correctly on any device – including mobiles, laptops, desktops and tablets.


 Your site will be easy to use and customize. The wordpress/divi combo allows you to create beautiful websites on the fly.


Added functionality can be obtained when plugins are added to your site. We advise you on the plugins you should choose.

Added Features

Your site can be used for a variety of purposes. For example using your site as a store becomes a breeze by using Woo Commerce Add Ons.


WordPress at first site can look daunting. However, we show you how easy WordPress is to use and where to go if you run into difficulty.

Free Updates

Nothing stays the same forever and this applies especially to the digital world. We guarantee that all of our courses include the latest technology.

WordPress Training Courses

We offer training courses throughout the country that show you how to build a WordPress website from scratch. From choosing a domain name, Installing WordPress and a suitable theme, adding pages and posts, adding images and videos, and much, much more, we promise to deliver you a course that leaves you with a modern, vibrant website.

We also offer to maintain your website for free for the first three months. This includes theme and plugin updates, security checks and site performance. 

Are these courses right for you ?

Our courses are limited to a maximum of 8 attendees to ensure an optimal training experience.

We use wordpress

We use what we consider the world’s best Content management system – famed for it’s ease of use.

don’t forget Divi !

Your website is built with the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. This theme is easy to use, dynamic and versatile. If you need another theme, then you are free to use another post-course.

Experience NOT required

No prior experience in web design is required. As long as you have a working knowledge of computers and navigate the web, then you will be fine.

5 page website

You are guaranteed to leave the course with a fully functional website that is easy to use and easy to expand.

Safe and Secure

Your website will include a security plugin that makes your site secure. Other plugins that give your site added functionality are installed during the course.